Amenities and Operations


Parking Fee

Your fee is used to support operation of the sledding hill, including a permit provided by the Idaho Department of Lands.  Park and Ski passes and Idaho State Park stickers do not apply.  

Minors must be accompanied by and adult

No exceptions!

Parking Lot

The lot is plowed for parking nose or tail to the snowbank.  

You can tailgate near your car.  Please do not bring construction material containing nails, screws, staples or spikes to use as firewood.

Towing sledders or skiers with any motorized vehicle is not permitted.

Sled Runs

No ramps allowed on sled not alter the terrain.

There are some permanent fences and posts laced on the property by the Idaho Department of Lands.  These cannot be altered.

Thank you for keeping this area clean

Dumpsters are located next to the porta-potties.

In case of emergency

Contact one of the volunteers in an orange safety vest or the lot attendant.  They have a radio to contact the proper authorities as there may not be cell service.