closed 2019-2020 season...see message in current conditions

Sledding and Tailgating

Climb up the trail and then slide down any of four different sled runs. Bring your tailgate, BBQ and firepit supplies to complete your Steamboat experience.  

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Parking fee is $10.  That's all you pay!

Current Conditions

Closed for the season.

We are sorry to say that Steamboat Gulch will not be open again this winter (2019-2020), again for financial reasons.  In addition, the entire area is closed and gated.  If you decide to hike in you will be disappointed as the hill itself has barriers for the ATV training course, so you cannot sled there.  

Last winter (2018-2019) funding was also short, but the sled hill and parking area remained open. As a result of no one overseeing activity, Idaho Department of Lands was left with large amounts of dumped garbage, trees that were shot, and extensive damage by people operating full size and recreational vehicles on the sled hill.  

Please respect the closure this winter and keep in mind the Idaho Department of Lands worked with multiple partners to rehabilitate the sled hill and Steamboat trailhead by removing the ruts and seeding the sled hill.  

Mores Creek Recreational Foundation is exploring avenues to offer the public a quality managed sledding and recreation experience in the future.

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Location and Operating Hours

Closed for the season.  Please see message in Current Conditions section (above).

From Idaho City, head north on Highway 21 approximately one mile to Pine Creek Road.  Follow road to bridge on right.  Cross the bridge into the Steamboat Gulch parking area.

We are open weekends and holidays from 10 to 4 when conditions are right for a great day of sledding.

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Mores Creek Recreational Foundation

We are a non-profit organization that was formed to facilitate the use of public lands in Boise County.  Steamboat Gulch is part of Idaho's Endowment Lands, under the authority of the Idaho Department of Lands.