closed 2018-2019 season...see message in current conditions section below

Sledding and Tailgating

Climb up the trail and then slide down any of four different sled runs. Bring your tailgate, BBQ and firepit supplies to complete your Steamboat experience.  

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Parking fee is $10.  That's all you pay!

Current Conditions

Closed for the season.

Unfortunately, Mores Creek Recreational Foundation will not be able to maintain the Steamboat Gulch area this winter (2018-2019). In recent years our organization provided:
* Plowed roads
* Plowed parking lot
* Port-a-potties
* Trash receptacles
This means port-a-potties, trash dumpsters, as well as plowed roads and parking area, will not be available this season. Access this area at your own risk and please pack out your own trash.

Why this happened: Parking receipts, donations and volunteers have been limited for the past few years. We will see if we can re-group and consider opening next year.

Link to current weather conditions:

Location and Operating Hours

Closed for the season.  Please see message in Current Conditions section (above).

From Idaho City, head north on Highway 21 approximately one mile to Pine Creek Road.  Follow road to bridge on right.  Cross the bridge into the Steamboat Gulch parking area.

We are open weekends and holidays from 10 to 4 when conditions are right for a great day of sledding.

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Mores Creek Recreational Foundation

We are a non-profit organization that was formed to facilitate the use of public lands in Boise County.  Steamboat Gulch is part of Idaho's Endowment Lands, under the authority of the Idaho Department of Lands.