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The Mores Creek Recreational Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization, incorporated under the laws of the State of Idaho. The business of the Foundation shall be those pursuits assisting or advancing recreational, educational, economical, environmental, and historical opportunities within Boise County, and the Boise National Forest to build a healthier community.

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Well folks looks like we are a slave to mother nature for the next couple of weeks, Steamboat Gulch has only 1 1/2 inches of snow/ice at this time. We won't be open until there is at least 4 inches accumulated. Please check back in a few days for updates.

We are located 1 mile north of Idaho City on Highway 21, just follow the signs.

We would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting Steamboat Gulch this season, remember without your participation we wouldn't be able to keep the area open for your enjoyment. 

                  A parking attendant will be on duty on the weekends to assist you in parking and to collect a fee of $10.00 per car, we have had to increase the parking fee due too increases in operating cost's and expenditures . This money is used to pay for: State Land Lease, Rehabilitation Bond, Liability Insurance, Snow Plowing, Porta Potty's, Trash Dumpster and general maintenance. 

Tailgating, BB-Qing and fire pit's are acceptable (mandatory), please refrain from bringing used construction material that is full of nails, screws, staples or spikes to use as firewood as it does wonders on peoples tire's that use the area in the summer month's. And please remember Motorized Vehicles Are Not Allowed In The Sledding Area.

Remember without your help we wouldn't be able to keep Steamboat Gulch open and accessible for you "The Public" to enjoy. Thanks Again! Mores Creek Recreational Foundation. 

Ongoing Rehabilitation Project at Steamboat Gulch                                                            Opening Day at Steamboat Gulch



        Boy Scouts Replanting, Rehabbing and Grooming The Hill                                        You Tube Video Link: Sledding at Steamboat Gulch



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